Why Your Personal Branding and Marketing Never Works Out the Way You Plan

Why Your Personal Branding and Marketing Never Works Out the Way You Plan

It was midnight, I was sitting on my couch wondering about the same questions a founder, a professional or a student have, who is eager to build his own identity in the population of 7.9 Bn.

What are the fundamentals you need to know to build your Personal Brand?

The more I search the broader it gets, two hours passed like Thanos snap. I felt a falling sensation, clouds disappear, my vision clears and I found the treasure map. It starts from marketing fundamentals diving deep into its promotional funnel leading to an integrated approach of marketing unlocking the mystery of mass trust, and I see my Personal Brand.

The very first footprint in the map questions your objective and who you can help? That shook me to write my definition of marketing without quoting what Sir Philip Kotler had said or what Neil Patel is doing.

I am aware; marketing is a brilliant mix of both science and art. It is your awareness and understanding of how you perceive it, a smiley face or sad face (Art or Science).


My objective is to build my Personal Brand and help people and businesses to build their brand by providing mentorship and digital marketing services. So, here is my definition:

Marketing is positioning you in the mind of the right customer at right time so well that the product or service sells itself.

Do I still need to encourage you to write yours?

Buddy, I am sorry for you! There is no cure for laziness.

As mentioned marketing is no more about just 4Ps and 4Cs in product marketing and 8Ps in the marketing of services. It’s rather deep like psychology and unpredictable like Quantum Mechanics. Don’t worry we got the language to handle both, Yes! It’s Mathematics (Statistics).

Losing your mind, Why not?

I get it! Common sense is not so common; you need not be a master of these just simple law of averages will work for you.

To keep up with the arrow of time, today is not just about Tradition Marketing, where on street-corner posters to reiterate utterly butterly delicious butter or add break like saundarya sabun Nirma but it also happens to Digital Marketing, where my digital form can talk to you.

We are talking, Right? Of course, we are!

Both these techniques have their pros and cons (See Image).

What if TCS shows ads on TV to sell the services? And Perfetti Van Melle emailing you, Hey new Alpenliebe flavor is out, go grab for your kids.

I am not saying they cannot but does it be a good idea?

Although, I love digital marketing because I know my audience. It’s completely your call what promotional strategy you chose to prompt your Personal Brand.

One of the famous communication funnel is AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action) to trace customer journey.

Another is the CATT marketing funnel, I heard about it from Deepak Kanakaraju.

It is a good fit with my marketing definition so let’s demystify it together (PMF: See Image). 

It starts from your niche, wondering how to select one?

I would say use your common sense and experiment. Haven’t you observed in the beginning, I mentioned my audience it is my niche and then I came up with my marketing definition.

Still, confused? I got you cover, just subscribe to the email list, because I never left my week students.

All is well!

Once you did it, start creating. What you are waiting for, this piece of content is my creation and it’s going to help my brand, not yours.

Content is the blood that needs to be pumped and purified through continuous effort like your heart do, else your brand die.

“Go to your bed, why you are sleeping on the floor, and grumbling nonsense?” my mother said.

I woke up, it was dawn. Wash my face prepared two cups of tea then again set on my couch with my laptop. Got your attention, this is what it is.

Either you use organic way (SEO, Social Media, etc.), or paid way (SEM, affiliate link, etc.) to get attention. Or simply just focus on your niche, as I did in the second paragraph clearly describing what I am going to talk about with you.

If you come so far, I can sense our duo is building strong. We talked well and developed at least a little mutual understanding. Didn’t we?

If you have written your definition, I assure you we did. So, don’t break my heart I will be waiting to see your definition in the comments.

Struggling? Make sure you subscribe to the mail list, and we will build it strong. The force is strong with us. If you did subscribe that’s a transaction in this case, otherwise it is mostly monetary.

Yes! You got it right the funnel is complete, keep practicing and repeat to optimize.

Remember, I told you content is blood, but without veins, blood cannot move from one organ to another. Integrated marketing framework (IMF, See Image) served as the mode of communication similar to veins.

Certainly, the big picture is the human body so as the holistic marketing. But until the Personal Branding (blood flow) is concerned we can stick ourselves to IMF.

Hey Sujal! Where is Personal Branding?

You! Yes, you. I am talking to you.

Personal Branding is not “Kato Gholo or Laga Lo.’’

It is a journey that you live, and add value to others life that reflect back to you.

I lost my treasure map when I woke up. Now I realize it was always within me, just afraid of taking action. So I started my journey to build my Personal Brand.

I learn I create, I communicate (this blog), I consult with my mentor and give me the minute of your time and fill the registration form I would happy to guide you.

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Let’s make our duo further strong! And step ahead towards building the Mass Trust. Because the coming era is people to people not brand to people.

Still not registered?

Believe me, you are in rattrap. Nobody can break that trap for you. Break it now. I will catch you on the other side.

Let me know what is your favorite part? See you in the comments.

Accept- Act- Achieve!

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